Thursday 01.04.18

Happy Thursday!

Member | John Stevens

WOD: Teams of 2:

Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
Shuttle Sprints

*Calorie Bike

Partner 1 working on 30’s, Partner 2 is working  calorie bike. Once P1 is done with 30’s they will then switch with P2, P2 will go through the 30’s. This will continue until both team members have completed the set of 10’s.

26min Time Cap.

HeathFIT – BOOTCAMP Class 9:15am 

Warm Up: EMOM X12

Min 1: 45sec Ball Slams

Min 2: 45sec Shuttle Runs

Min 3: 45sec G2OH


500m Row

24 DB alt arm snatches

250m Row

24 burpees

250m Row

24 walking lunges

500m Row

100 singles