CrossFit Heath – Performance


Metcon (Time)

PARTNER WOD – with the friend you brought 🙂

5 rounds (each, 10 total):

20/16 Calorie Row

20 Push Press

Barbell weight: 75lb/55lb

*Partner 1 completes full round, then partner 2 goes

*if no partner, rest 1:1

*SPRINT the row, control the barbell

Accessory: OPTIONAL

Metcon (No Measure)

db bench 3sets/10 reps/rest 1 min

single-arm db row 3sets/10reps per side/ rest 1 min

3 Rounds (light weight):

chest db flys 15 reps

lateral raise 15 reps

db bicep curls 15 reps

rest 1 min

3 Rounds:

Elevated Ring Rows 10 reps

Ring push ups 10 reps

Rest 90 Sec

*place feet on 24″ box for both ring rows and ring pushups