My name is Wesley Jones, and I started CrossFit in September of 2013. I am writing this after 1 full year of CrossFit. I looked over Cliff’s testimonials an noticed that there was no one my age and wanted to give my perspective. I have made incredible gains in this last year, but in order to fully understand what CrossFit has meant to me I have to let you know what my fitness looked like before this last year.


   I grew up in Northern California and I played sports in high school, but I never really took my fitness seriously. I’d be in good shape during football season or during wrestling but after those seasons were over so was exercise. My diet mainly consisted of fast and processed food because it tasted good, was easy, and cheap.


    When high school ended, I decided to join the Air Force after 9/11 and really had to come to grips with my fitness and diet, as I needed to meet a weight and fitness standard to join the Air Force. I was able to meet my goal and was in great physical shape after basic training, but once that was over I quickly fell back into old habits. My fitness and weight would get better when it came time for a fitness test and then would quickly decline and this pattern continued for the next 5 years.


I left the Air Force in 2008 and moved to Rockwall and started a family with my wife not long afterward. Over the next few years my weight would fluctuate but my fitness was terrible. After the birth of our second child in February 2011 is when I realized I needed a change, I had ballooned to 255 lbs. all my pants were either way too tight or didn’t fit at all, in fact my wife had started to replace all my dress shirts in my closet because they were all too tight. So I signed up for the Tough Mudder, started doing P90X, and running. While I was able to improve my fitness my diet was still really bad, it consisted of cold cereal in the morning, something quick in the afternoon (from either fast food to gas station food) and an ok dinner at night while having 2-3 sodas along with a Monster Energy drink everyday.  I would start with the at home workout and then get sick after a month as my body was just drained and couldn’t fight off anything. I thought as long as I could get through a workout it didn’t matter what I ate.


            So right before my 30th birthday, I decided that I was going to give Insanity a go and sure enough the same thing happened, I got sick and had to stop. I entered another summer defeated and overweight wondering if I would ever get a hold of this. In July of 2013, my wife had signed up for a training course in Dallas and was carpooling with another teacher. They needed to be back by a certain time and wouldn’t ride together some days because Kristin needed to be at CrossFit. This sounded a little crazy to me but I started thinking maybe this is something I needed to try. Sure enough after a few weeks the course was over and all the teachers were meeting for happy hour and I met Kristin and her husband Davin Marceau along with Jenna and Adam Vineyard. After talking with Adam and Davin for a few hours about CrossFit and with their encouragement I knew this was something that I had to try.


            My first day I was a little nervous, but I was going on a Saturday in case I killed myself.  I had eaten nothing (big no-no) and after barely starting, I almost threw up. This is when I realized that if I was going to do this, I needed to get serious not only in the physical commitment but with my diet as well.


            In the first month I went Paleo crazy but in the coming months decided to make sure that I eat clean and allow myself a few cheat meals. I also cut soda out to maybe one a month as well as eliminated energy drinks for good. All of this was hard for the first few weeks but has paid tremendous dividends. Now don’t get me wrong I love beer and there is no way I am cutting that out for good and sweets are still my kryptonite. The main point is that my body no longer quits on me because I have maintained discipline in my diet.


            I started out slow but made some mistakes along the way, mainly from trying to do too much too soon. Scaling your weight and talking with the trainers daily will prevent you from making those mistakes. Scaling your weight back isn’t stupid or makes you weak; it is smart and will make you strong. In fact it took me almost 3 months before I could do a WOD as prescribed or RX, some it has taken longer but there are still some WOD’s that I still scale.


            I never really went into CrossFit with a certain weight expectation or specific goals but wanted to make sure that I made permanent changes to my fitness and my diet. This all came to a culmination when we had a group come in and measure Body Fat percentage as well as a series of other measurements. In the first few months, I had dropped from about 230 down to around 210 but had been at 205 for the next 6 months. When I received my test results I found that my Body Fat percentage was at 16% and that I was now carrying 173 lbs. of muscle. I couldn’t contain my excitement, even though my results were not on the traditional weight scale they were tangible enough for me to know that I am where I was meant to be. I am 12 years older than when I finished Basic Training but I could out lift and out run my younger self any day.


            If I have one regret it is not getting started sooner, I knew about CrossFit but I was the one continuing to hold myself back. You can be nervous but don’t be afraid, as we all need to start somewhere regardless of where that is. If you’re on the fence give Cliff a call and schedule a free workout, if you come to the 4:15 pm class during the week you can even talk to me while you’re there. If there is one suggestion I can give you, it is don’t look at this as a 60-90 day thing, this is a complete and total lifestyle change and with the Crossfit community at Crossfit Heath, you can accomplish your goals.




My name is Sally Escuin. A year ago, I was overweight, exhausted, and unhappy with the way I looked and felt.  As a nurse, I knew if I continued down this path of unhealthy habits I would put myself at risk for hypertension and diabetes.  I'd heard about Crossfit from a few friends and witnessed their transformations. I decided to sign up at my local box, Crossfit Heath.  I started my on-ramp with the owner, Cliff Lewis.  I was worried about being judged for being overweight and being out of shape.  That was so far from the truth. Over 3, 1-hour sessions, Cliff showed me the basics of Crossfit.  The first few weeks were rough, I wasn't able to complete a lot of the workouts.  Diana, Brandon, and Nicole would work with me to make sure I was able to scale my workouts appropriately.  In the beginning, my body could only handle 2-3 workouts a week.  I completely overhauled my diet and my mindset. I made goals to be happy, healthy, and hot by 40!  I am so thankful for the patience of my coaches, Nicole, Reid, Diana, Brandon, Cliff, and Paul.  I could not imagine being part of a better community.  Because of this community, I've lost 50 lbs., workout 5-6 times a week, gained confidence, and have new friends.  As I approach the year anniversary of making this change, I feel compelled to share my appreciation to the coaches and athletes of Crossfit Heath.




Cross Fit Heath is much more than a workout facility  - it is a proven method that really does produce measurable results!  I was very skeptical at first to say the least, but at the urgency of my doctor I committed to give it a try. I just knew that after my six weeks trial of workouts my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers would not improve much and I could then quit.  WRONG ! All my blood work improved by over 20% and I am still at it over one and a half years later! I feel so much better and stronger. My knees and joints don't hurt like they used to.   Even at the age of 55 -you really can change your lifestyle and physique if you just stick with Cross Fit.  Thank You Cliff and all the instructors at Cross Fit Heath for the techniques and constant encouragement.


Gene Aube







Stephen Hunton - July 7th 2017, 1 year, almost to the day I started Crossfit with Crossfit Heath. I've always thought of myself as an athlete, playing college tennis and loving endurance sports but now I'm stronger than ever and deal with none of the physical ailments I had before (lower back, clavicle etc). Thanks to great coaches for giving us a blueprint towards better health.



Sally Escuin

Gene Aubue

Stephen Hunton







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